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I Pokerrobot is an advanced pokerbot and calculator for use at online pokerrooms. Currently, the Pokerbot on this site is the latest robot to the date and is the most advanced pokerbot you can find on the net.

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The basic understanding of the game...

Omaha Poker

This is a variation of the more famous game Texas Holdem. The rules are very similar and the hand strengths are exactly the same.
Each player must take 4 hole cards instead of the normal two cards you would expect to get in a Texas Holdem game.
Besides the four cards in the beginning there is a very specific rule when it comes to Omaha, you must use two of your hole cards to make the best combination with three of the cards on the table.

This is how a normal game of Omaha might look.

Each player receives four cards face down. The first person to the left of the dealer has to post the small blind which is half of the big blind. The second player to the left of the dealer has to post the big blind. Once the round of betting is over the flop gets placed on the table. One card gets burned while three others get placed face up.
It’s with these cards you need to make your best combination using at least two of your four hole cards.  Another round of betting commences and once everyone has made their bet a fourth card is dealt on the table, this card is called the turn card. A third round of betting starts and at the end of it a fifth card is dealt on the table, this card is called the river card.

A final round of betting commences after which a winner is declared based on the combination of two of his hole cards and three cards from the table