5 Card Stud

I Pokerrobot is an advanced pokerbot and calculator for use at online pokerrooms. Currently, the Pokerbot on this site is the latest robot to the date and is the most advanced pokerbot you can find on the net.

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-What Texas Holdem card games does the Ipokerrobot support?

As soon as you have gotten a hold of your copy of I poker robot you will be able to play every texas holdem game in existence. You can even try it on playmoney before you play for real money.


-How will I be able to see the strength of my current hand?

You will be able to see it in the Hand Strength meter. A gage will appear with a black line pointing to your handstrenght, yellow for medium, green for great and red for bad. Be sure to check the pot odds before you fold a bad hand.


-What are Hand odds and Pot odds? How can I use it to my advantage?

Hand odds show the chances you have of hitting a strong hand in the next betting round. The lower the value you have the better chances you have.When the pot odds show on the green meter you have a good hand. Remember that pot odds are better than hand odds.Pot odds are the chances or odds you are from getting the pot to the amount you have to call. The higher the value you have the better it is.

-Will the pokerroom notice that im using this software? Isnt it cheating?

I poker robot is an intelligent poker calculator that acts on your behalf. It is undetectable because it is to date the most advanced poker robot there is with an almost artificial intelligence about it. Nobody can see that your using a poker bot unless they are sitting in the room next to you.

Poker FAQ

-What poker limit is recommended to play at?

This is up to you, and really is based upon the amount of funds you have in your account. Its recommended to have 50 times the bigblind when you start playing to be on the safe side.


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